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Loving the Elean

This is a space, a step away from more official channels, to allow the trying out of some missional thinking. So what you’ll find here is not the official policy of the Diocese of Ely (the Church of England in Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk) but a space for people participating in God’s mission in all kinds of ways in this area and more widely to do some reflection in writing, to inspire, disrupt, and dissent. It’s a space for reflection on practice and missiology that’s experimental, unfinished and with which its authors may later find themselves disagreeing.

The site is managed by the Mission Learning and Innovation Lead for the Diocese of Ely, the Revd Mark Rodel.
Other contributors are also involved. Views expressed are the personal views of the contributors.


In case you hadn’t already spotted it, it’s a bad pun on a David Bowie trackLoving the Alien, a song that refers to the troubled history of Christianity, especially the crusades, but at the same time holds out the prospect of loving those who are different from ourselves. Eleans refers to all the people who live in the area covered by the Church of England Diocese of Ely. Whatever else might be up for discussion on this blog, the notion that Christian mission could be grounded in anything other than the love of God for all people is not. Our reflections here will also be rooted in real engagements with real people in our real context; our participation in God’s love for all of the Eleans, those of us who are members of a church and those who are not.

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